About Primary Care Store


“There are a minimum of 4 workflows in every exam room…many accounts never define them. Potential for savings is huge!”

Exam workflow and exam room layouts are changing, requiring flexible workflow solutions to accommodate new technologies, new information systems and new healthcare protocols.  Primary Care Store (PCS) was designed to help customers avoid the frustration of costly consultants that vaguely understand the exam room environment.

Assisting our customers to rethink and redefine their workflow to be more efficient and flexible is our goal.  In order to provide a platform helping our customers keep pace in an unforeseeable market, we assist in breaking down the workflows in the exam room and identifying the areas of opportunity, reducing the waste… thus saving precious time. This directly impacts operating costs with both immediate and long-term benefits.

Whether replacing old products, breaking down barriers to patients, or setting up complete practices… we aim to be your source for investment.  One stool or an entire exam room… we want to help in making the right decision.  We work closely with your manufacturer representatives, together offering expertise in floor plans, including casework, space planning, storage, diagnostic and charting workflows, ADA requirements, patient-provider care exchange, and more!